LakeView RecPlex Aqua Arena Geothermal

LakeView RecPlex Aqua Arena Geothermal

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Designed to a LEED Silver Standard, the LakeView RecPlex Aqua Arena accomplished a part of their level of sustainability by somewhat standard means for new construction on a new site, including but not limited to credits for:

  • Optimized Energy Performance
  • Thermal Comfort and Controllability
  • Increased Ventilation and other Air Quality considerations
  • Increased insulation values
  • Construction Waste Management
  • Use of locally sourced materials
  • Use of materials with recycled content
  • Water Efficiency

But this project’s most innovative energy saving feature is its use of a lake based geothermal system, consisting of nearly 12 miles of coiled tubing, placed at the bottom of Lake Andrea to heat and cool the new addition and heat its 700,000 gallons of water to achieve nearly 50% savings in energy costs.

Bundled coils of piping are heat welded together to form a continuous loop.
A crane transfers the bundled coils into the lake.
Boats maneuver the bundled coils to their designated position.
A fire truck pumps water into the coils. They sink to their designated position on the lakebed below.
Piping leading to the coils are connected to a buried underground manifold vault. The water is replaced with a water/glycol mixture and then connected to the thermal transfer equipment to heat and cool the building.