About Us

Design Philosophy

Partners in Design Architects strive to design buildings which are individually exciting yet appropriately scaled, proportioned and respectful of their surroundings. Each project requires a fresh approach and close interaction between the client and the architect. In partnership with our clients, consultants, and design team members, we work as facilitators and collaborators, leading the design process and maintaining a clear project vision. This philosophy allows us to create designs with an enduring, aesthetic quality.

Service Philosophy

The key to great customer service starts with building solid relationships. It means listening to the client’s needs and understanding their goals. It requires a depth of knowledge in architecture to creatively and quickly address challenges. Customer service also means engaging in proactive communication, regular follow-up and delivering responsive design solutions. At Partners in Design Architects, providing the highest level of service to each and every client is our number one priority.

Sustainable Architecture Philosophy

Partners in Design Architects are leaders in sustainable design. We believe sustainable design is not just about the building, but the people who live, work, play and learn in them. Aesthetics, comfort and a positive building experience, all merit equal attention to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. We educate our clients and help them make informed and value driven decisions relative to initial construction costs and long term operating efficiencies.

...sustainable design is not just about the building, but the people who live, work, play and learn in them.


It’s what compels and drives you. We are passionate about design and the complexity, power and importance of the built environment. We believe architecture positively affects the quality of people’s lives.


It’s about listening and working together toward a common goal. It’s about knowing that a project is not about us, it’s about you, our client. Collaboration, fueled by passion, is how we deliver great design.


It’s the ability to understand and see the dream in its future state. We combine our vision for architecture with the needs of the building users to shape their project goals into attractive, efficient, and appropriate architectural solutions.

Markets Served

We are a diverse practice. We relish design challenges. After 32 years, we have experience in nearly all market segments.